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PDA GPS Navigation System

GPS navigation system is installed in all our vehicles making it a much faster way to find a particular address. Once a job is accepted, a driver will be dispatched and a driver is on route to your designating pick up point. Our system is updated regularly so any new housing estates and roads are in the system for our drivers to find.

Text Back Service

All our drivers have hand held PDA’s providing a unique ring back service, you will receive a text to your mobile (providing you have not got number witheld) notifying you when your taxi has arrived stating make, colour & model of vehicle. This service is also provided if you use our text-a-taxi service.

Glossary of Terms

GPS – Global Positioning System, Method by which Vehicles are specifically located. It is generally attached to a PDA.

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant or handheld computer. The device in vehicle which displays Booking Information and controls all communication with GPS.